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The Breath & It’s Impact On Hip Mobility

Often not addressed is the dysfunctional breathing mechanics that people have on a daily basis.


It influences your body’s physiology greatly. Short/shallow breaths up in the chest can lead to a lot of dysfunctional movement and pain in neck, shoulders, low back — the breath is foundational.


It can also have a great influence on your mobility. The Diaphragm is a large muscle that will directly influence tension in your low back and into the hips.


For Diaphragmatic breathing, take a deep belly breath slowly, place your hands on your ribcage and feel your ribcage expand (or spread Outward) as you breath in, and try to also feel a little bit of pressure into the low back with the breath as well. This is a 360 degree breath.


Repeat this with this drill for the hip to help work on hip mobility. Physical therapy is a great option to work


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