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Run Strong Strength Training

Run-Strong is a periodized program developed weekly to supplement your endurance training and ultimately change your approach to achieving higher levels of performance within triathlon and cycling training.

This 2 day/week program will include exercises to develop strength, power, speed and hypertrophy at the appropriate time of the year to optimize performance. Prehab, injury reduction, and corrective exercises/ drills are a large emphasis to keep you training and at the highest level.

A man jumping over a hurdle in an indoor track.
Run-Strong Overview

Run Strong Outline

This program is 3 days/week (2 strength workouts & 1 optional mobility/technique workouts)

Weekly Schedule:
Strength Training:
Mobility/ Technique Drills (Optional)

***No portion of this guide or of CTG’s Run Strong program may be reproduced or redistributed

without the written consent of Change The Game Endurance, LLC***

DISCLAIMER: This program is not a substitute for specific individualized medical advice by a healthcare provider. Seek out a thorough assessment by a local provider if you are currently experiencing pain or an injury. This program does not guarantee injury prevention, as injury can be caused by a variety of factors, including trauma, accidents, impact, and extreme increases in training intensity. Follow this programat your own risk.

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