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Frequently Asked Questions

Our clinic in Wilmington prides itself on providing a positive, encouraging environment with well-trained, friendly staff. We are confident in our ability to help you reach your goals and live a pain-free life.

You have the right to receive physical therapy at any facility you choose. At Change The Game Performance Therapy, you will receive the highest quality care while achieving the results you are in search of.

Our scheduling is easy and we offer a convenient location and appointment times for you. We have morning and evening appointments available to meet the demands of your busy schedule. Call Change The Game Perfromance Therapy today at (910) 915-4888.

Rest assured, our therapists are well trained to evaluate and treat your condition. Our physical therapists have graduated from accredited physical therapy programs and are state-licensed. All of our therapists hold a doctorate degree.

Physical therapists have years of university-level training in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology (the study of joint movement), neurology, and many of the other medical sciences. You’re in good hands!

Sure you can! Everyone can benefit from physical therapy. By working with you and your doctor, we can discuss your options and help determine if physical therapy will be the right choice for you. Call us today to discuss your current condition!

Good communication with our therapist will help minimize any discomfort. We want you on your way to quick pain relief and a return to the activity you love.

Physical therapy is not meant to hurt, but to relieve pain! There is a chance, however, as you restore your mobility that your pain levels will fluctuate. You might experience some temporary soreness from using muscles that are weakened or recovering.

Rest assured that this is a normal response to physical therapy treatment and not a cause for concern.

With physical therapy, it’s important to know that the overall goal is to restore pain-free mobility and function and to prevent the injury or pain from recurring.

Our physical therapists evaluate your movement patterns, identify the cause of your pain, and work to manage or eliminate it.

Physical therapists are trained medical experts when it comes to musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. They work closely with physicians to make sure that your treatment plan is as efficient and effective as possible. Physical therapy is a medical, hands-on approach to relieving pain and restoring function.

While every patient’s condition and pain are unique, our physical therapist will use a variety of gentle hands-on techniques, exercises, and equipment to relieve pain quickly and restore your function to optimum levels.

Although all patients are different, typically, the first session lasts for 1 hour 15 minutes. Each session after that may be 45-60 minutes.

The amount of time will be based on your specific needs, and our therapist will discuss this with you. You will most likely see your therapist once or twice per week, to begin with, and as you progress through treatment, your sessions will be more spread out.

Dress comfortably in clothes that allow easy access for the therapist to examine your problem areas.

For treatments, loose-fitting clothes that are comfortable for gentle exercises and supportive sneakers are often good choices to wear. Athletic attire is ideal.

Each patient’s diagnosis is different, your therapist will develop a plan of care that is right for you.

Your plan of care and number of visits will be determined during your first visit and explained to you by our physical therapist.

Change The Game Performance Therapy is a fee-for-service clinic. This allows patient care to be determined by your condition and your personal needs, not your insurance plan.

We accept HSA, FSA, cash, check, debit card, and credit card. We are happy to discuss payment plan options as well. It is our policy that payment is made at the time of service.

Yes, once you have completed your therapy sessions, our therapist will review your at-home continuing therapy program.

Our unique hybrid therapy model allows you to continue your health and fitness journey with us, both in-house and online. Your therapist will design a plan based on your specific goals.

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