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Quick Fix To Relieve Neck Pain

Has neck pain become a pain in the neck? Neck pain, tightness, and headaches are becoming common symptoms that physical therapists treat. A lot of these symptoms are perpetuated by our prolonged sitting postures on our phones and at our desks. This has become even more common with the current state of increased work from home with COVID. Since we don’t have an office environment that provides breaks for meetings and other water cooler conversations, we don’t get as many breaks. Due to the forwardness of our postures, this puts an increased strain on the posterior aspects of our necks including many muscles and puts our vertebrae in a compromised position and this usually results in increased tightness. Many people with tension headaches have symptoms that are driven by a cervicogenic (neck) causes and can be improved drastically with physical therapy.


Physical therapy uses many methods to help improve symptoms including manual treatments, dry needling, mobilization/manipulation, and cervical and postural strengthening and stability. Change The Game is here to help!

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Dr. Ryan Godfrey

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We help athletes get back to training pain free, injury free without taking time off.


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