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Your Daily Postural Fix

November 2, 2021

I used to think an emphasis on posture was overrated, until I saw this picture of myself…


Just look at that forward head position and round shoulders. Maybe it’s my long hair that’s weighing me down these days or I missed my third cup of coffee for the morning. Either way, this was a serious wake-up call for me.

Ideally, we should strive for better posture in these modern times. Sitting at a desk for work all day, constant texting, and even the position we sleep in can take a toll on our musculoskeletal health. The position we spend the most time in is the position we become. We see poor posture lead to back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain.

I for one refuse to see another picture like this one, and I want you to avoid it too. My approach to fixing this is to treat it like brushing your teeth. We need daily work to maintain. Below you can find a video for my 4 go to exercises to start fixing your posture today! Check out the instructions to ensure you’re doing it properly. Also, keep in mind this is not medical advice. If you’re currently experiencing pain seek out a professional that can help.

1. T-spine extension over foam roll

  • Keep ribs down as you extend over the roller
  • Take extra time on restricted areas as you move up the spine
  • Perform for 1-2 minutes

2. Lumbar locked t-spine rotation

  • Rock your butt to your heels
  • Make sure to not shift your hips laterally as you rotate
  • Perform 2 x 10 reps.

3. Quadruped c-spine retraction

  • Slightly round your mid back as you drive hands into the ground
  • Focus on maintaining “double chin” position at the top
  • Perform 3 x 5 reps. with a 2” hold at the top

4. Seated Wall Angels

  • Maintain chin tuck position
  • Maintain forearm/back of hand contact against the wall as you reach overhead
  • Perform 3 x 10 reps.

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