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I injured my shoulder in the gym. I figured it would heal on its own but five months later I still had pain. I was sure it was torn. I went to the doctor and got an MRI and was told it was inflammation of the rotator cuff tendon, no surgery. They suggested PT for treatment. I was skeptical. How could some exercises fix the immense pain I was in? I was wrong. Dr. Grant was patient with me as I described the motions that caused the pain. He helped me understand how all the different parts of the shoulder work together. He created an exercise plan targeting specific muscles that would help with the motions I described. Over the course of a few weeks, I was seeing significant improvement. My preconceived notion was proven wrong. We continued to work on the area and were seeing improvement week after week. I was thankful for Dr. Grant’s attentiveness. My shoulder is now healed and I’m back to doing things I couldn’t do before. Thank you!

Brett Garner

After three months of personalized one-on-one physical therapy with Dr Grant Bishop at CTG my flexibility had measurably improved enough to where I could enroll in a twice weekly class for older golfers (I’m 70) with CTG exercise physiologist Shelby Holden. This group class has been a great extender of my personalized PT at a lower cost. My twice weekly golf continues to remain pain free. Shelby is a regular golfer who leads us in professionally designed strength and flexibility training. She’s also fun and encouraging. These early morning sessions also provide a helpful routine in keeping me more engaged with my overall health and well-being. I highly recommend her Golf Group Class for older golfers who want to continue enjoying frequent play for years to come. Carpe golfum!

William Senter

I joined Change the Game a couple of months ago and was fortunate to be able to work with Dr. Grant Bishop. My challenges were improving my golf game while increasing my fitness and endurance. An added benefit was having someone that could treat the injuries that invariably happen with the golf swing. Dr. Grant covered all those bases. As it relates to golf, he is a certified instructor with TPI. He teaches you how to use biomechanics to make the golf swing body friendly. The fitness and endurance instruction is geared towards golf. And, finally, he uses physical therapy and dry needling to treat areas that need it. I cannot recommend this business and Dr. Grant any more highly!

Tom Newton

It’s been a great experience. I came to CtG with a nagging issue that was preventing me from progressing in my training plan. Dr. Grant worked with me through some exercises and made sure I was doing them properly (something I would have never been able to do without guidance). After a few appointments and following the recommendations for at home exercises, the issue has ceased to the point that I am ready to continue my training. Very grateful for that! I also feel better knowing I have a place to go if the issue returns or if another issue arises.

Will Neisler

Change The Game has been a tremendous game changer that has improved my golf fitness. Their approach is tailored to meet my core issues and opportunities. Shelby has been fantastic in designing and leading our classes. Flexibility and strength have improved. all areas have improved dramatically. The end result is a better round of golf and better overall health. I highly recommend the entire CYG team as they are professional and friendly

Gary Carmack

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Ryan Glendy

Change the Game is amazing!! Working with Grant Bishop helped me significantly and put me on the right path to continue improving my golf game. They have top notch technology that helps while training. The training is very specific to your needs and I am very glad I worked with Grant.

Timothy Juneau

Great place to help you reach your goals, whether it be to get back in shape or compete. The Staff is friendly and caring and truly want to see you succeed from thr physical Therapist to the training/coaching staff. I look forward to my training sessions each week. Definitely a Game Changer!