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Foot & Ankle Pain in Wilmington

Relieve Foot & Ankle Pain in Wilmington

Do you wince with each step due to ankle stiffness or plantar foot pain? Many factors from arthritis to overuse wear can provoke lower limb discomfort hindering stability and mobility.

At Change The Game Performance Therapy, our certified specialists meticulously evaluate foot and ankle pain to pinpoint precise causes often missed on standard exams so customized treatment can begin realigning damage before it worsens.

What Contributes to Foot & Ankle Pain in Wilmington?

The lower limb contacts the ground thousands of times daily bearing full body weight in motion, making feet and ankles vulnerable to alignment faults and accumulative wear overtime.

Some frequent causes of painful foot and ankle symptoms include:

Repetitive Impact

  • Running/jumping activities transmit jarring forces upwards through feet, eventually inflaming stabilizing tendons/ligaments if mileage/intensity increases too quickly before foundational strength develops. This explains common running overuse injuries.

Abnormal Foot Mechanics

  • Feet with arches too high or low often limit proper shock absorption upon ground contact, placing excessive rotational strain on surrounding joints and tissues, leading to irritation, sprains, and discomfort even during regular daily activities over time.

Trauma Sprains

  • Sudden inversion or eversion of the ankle past its normal stable range of motion leads to immediate tearing of ligaments supposed to reinforce joints. Destabilization requires prompt, thorough rehabilitation to ensure sturdy long-term stability and prevent recurrence.

Arthritic Changes

  • Years of repetitive weight bearing gradually inflame and degrade the protective cartilage meant to cushion joint surfaces. Bone spur formation and loss of smooth gliding mobility follow, greatly reducing the ankle’s reliable functionality.

Carefully isolating the exact perpetuating factors at the root of foot and ankle pain through our advanced clinical and imaging diagnostics allows the design of targeted treatment plans optimizing recovery.

Personalized Pain Relief & Functional Solutions

We offer customized, integrative treatment blending multiple healing disciplines and ergonomic strategies for lasting relief of foot and ankle discomfort based on each patient’s unique injury profile:

Physical Therapy – Targeted stretches, exercises and manual therapy focused on the ankle/lower limb strengthen areas that have weakened from disuse while restoring coordinated range of motion. Stable movement patterns prevent re-injury.

Injury Prevention – Finally, we provide invaluable education on proper activity warm-up/cool-downs, selecting supportive athletic footwear constructed for individual foot proportions and building impact tolerance progressively.

This integrative formula combines rehabilitative and preventative protocols matched to each patient’s presentation and goals – promoting tissue healing while proactively avoiding future pain cycles.

FAQs: Foot & Ankle Pain Questions

What tends to cause general pain in the feet/ankles?
Contributing issues range from inflammatory arthritis reducing shock absorption to repetitive occupational obligations requiring prolonged standing like nursing exacerbating conditions like plantar fasciitis. Even common running training errors provoke Achilles tendonitis.

What can trigger ankle discomfort if no injury occurred?
Postural faults like exaggerated pronation shift weight distribution abnormally stressing lateral stabilizing tissues overtime. Bone spurs also gradually emerge rubbing and inflammation forefoot joints. We thoroughly assess all aspects identifying pain generators.

How can I tell if persistent ankle pain may be serious?
Sharp onset swelling and bruising following trauma impact warrants urgent evaluation to avoid overlooked fractures or tearing. Lingering pain persisting months even with rest warrants assessment before permanent arthritis sets in.

Why might my ankle hurt acutely if not visibly sprained?
Causes like gout or infection can manifest as sudden ankle discomfort with minimal swelling until reaching later stages. Evaluations determining exact provocation are key to optimal treatment before minor conditions progress.

About The Author

Dr. Ryan Godfrey, a Licensed Physical Therapist, puts patients at the forefront of their care. With years of experience, they guide individuals towards achieving their best selves. At Change The Game Performance Therapy in Wilmington, Dr. Ryan Godfrey crafts individualized plans using cutting-edge techniques, empowering patients to overcome limitations and thrive.

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If pain or mobility deficits hinder normal foot/ankle function, Change The Game Performance Therapy’s comprehensive specialists offer integrated care combining restorative modalities with preventative strategies so you remain active comfortably long-term. Request an appointment by calling us to undergo advanced diagnostics identifying what hurts most so problems resolve faster and more completely. Our custom care has you stepping pain-free again quickly.

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Ready to uncover what’s causing foot or ankle discomfort so targeted and lasting treatment can begin immediately? The first step is booking a thorough lower extremity assessment with the integrated care team at Change The Game Performance Therapy in Wilmington. Our certified foot and ankle specialists will survey all potential contributory factors behind your pain through advanced diagnostics.

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Dustin Brandenburg

As an avid surfer, golfer, and the owner of Longboard Roofing Change The Game PT has been monumental for me to staying active and working. I first worked with Dr. Godfrey 5+ years ago for a hip issue that he helped resolve. The past couple years I’ve had a plethora of knee and foot injuries. I wish I would’ve seen Dr. Godfrey or Dr. Grant sooner, but I’ve been coming the past few months working with Dr. Grant for knee stability and strength to prepare for a big surf/yoga trip to Indonesia. I feel a confidence in myself I didn’t feel possible a few months ago.

Emily Davis

Brandon (Dr. Ostrander) at Change the Game Performance Therapy was beyond helpful! He knew how to adjust and modify exercises to meet my needs and goals. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and taught me to be smart with my movements to maximize my potential. The facility is also top-notch!