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What Is An Athletic Trainer?

February 1, 2023

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Many people hear “Athletic Trainer” and immediately think of the person they see at sporting events dressed in khakis and a polo, a sling pack, and a Gatorade water bottle always in their hand. While Athletic Trainers(ATs) are responsible for caring for athletes on the sidelines, that is not all they do. Athletic Training is a fascinating profession because of the many roles these professionals hold. They are a mentor, medical professional, confidant, and coach wrapped into one person. Unfortunately, ATs are often overlooked and many do not know what they do or who they are.

Athletic Trainers are the multi-tool of athletics, rehabilitation, and sports performance

ATs learn so much in school, but gain the majority of their skills in the clinical setting under mentor supervision. Athletic Training is built on the idea that healthcare is always changing and professionals must be fluid and use research that supports best practice protocols. Clinical rotations are key to becoming a skilled AT because each mentor has different skills and ways of solving mysteries in the athletic population.

Athletic Trainers traditionally work with athletes, but are becoming popular in other professional settings due to their ability to prevent injury and rehabilitate the injuries that do occur quickly. While performing emergency care is one of the important tasks for an AT, they also perform evaluations to identify injuries, develop rehabilitation programs, and perform preventative care for individuals. ATs are employed internationally and provide vital services to everyone they come into contact with.

ATs are becoming staples in the medical industry because of their wide range of abilities

Physical Therapy clinics, orthopedic offices, and industrial settings are all taking advantage of these individuals to help grow their practices and keep their patients safe. That’s why CTG has employed Ashton Whitley as our Athletic Trainer. Ashton handles assessments, ACL injury prevention, as well as individual and team baseline testing. She also works one on one with athletes to help them achieve their goals!


Next time you see an AT, ask them what they do! They love to educate on their profession and their responsibilities.

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