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The Best Athlete Is Not The One That Lifts The Most Weight

Improving athletic performance is not solely dependent on weightlifting, but rather on developing POWER through exercises that improve explosive movements, such as plyometrics, sprint drills, and agility training. There are many power lifting gyms out there that focus on training for max strength, but maximum strength is not the same as power and it’s not right for every athlete. The same goes for many other types of training that become a mish-mash of random exercises.


how do i get more powerful as an athlete?

To become a more powerful athlete, you can focus on strength training exercises that target the major muscle groups used in your sport, such as squats, deadlifts, and bench press. Additionally, incorporating explosive movements like plyometrics and Olympic lifts can help improve your power output. It’s also important to fuel your body properly with a balanced diet and get enough rest and recovery time.

How do i know where to start?

Change the Game offers Athlete Baseline Testing using Output Sports. You can read more in our blog by Athletic Trainer Ashton about how she uses Output Sports to determine the strengths and weaknesses of athletes. Once this information is gathered, the coaches at CTG can best prescribe the program that will improve your areas of weakness while continuing to grow your strength base. The programs used by our CTG Elite Athlete Training Program include the Velocity Based Training system – PERCH, as was outlined in our previous blogs here and here.

Using the VBT PERCH system allows our athletes to hit their best performance and training objective each day, based on their readiness to train. If they’re tired, PERCH will let us know and we can adjust their training to match their goals and ability for the day. If they come in ready for peak performance, we can achieve that as well.


I want true athletic performance

If your training has stalled, you’re not seeing the results you want no matter what you try, or you’re facing multiple injuries as a result of your training techniques, then CTG is the place to be. CTG Elite Athlete is the class that will take you to your next level, injury-free. Check out the video montage below of one of our CTG Elite Athletes, Aaron, and the major improvements he has made over the past 12 weeks in our CTG Elite Athlete Training Program.



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