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Keys To Being Injury Free, Stronger, More Resilient In 2022 – Physical Therapy And Strength Training

Here are a few tips for learning how to have a successful injury free off-season! 👇


Get strong. Be smart with how you’re getting strong so you don’t get injured. Don’t focus too much on passive stretching – while this can be helpful, this is not going to be the answer for any athlete. Stretching alone may actually hinder your progress if strength training is not involved. Mobility and flexibility problems are often the result of a strength issue – get assessed by one of our physical therapists to find out what that may be and what you need to do to get better!


Be CONSISTENT. Consistency is the hardest part about making a change for most people. A good way to work on being consistent is by setting small goals that are achievable and clearly defined – small progress will lead to big changes. Get a taste for success, and it will help snowball more success for the changes you are looking for.


Show up. Strength gains take TIME. Strength gains can take at least 3 to 4 weeks – muscle gains take 10 to 12 weeks. Strength gains are the result of a better connection between the muscles and the nerves that tell them to contract – there are many cool things to this. Strength gains when you begin a strength program happen because of the nervous system becoming better “primed” during the first month of training. After 10 to 12 weeks is when you will begin to notice muscle gains more noticeably – this is called muscle hypertrophy.


Get SLEEP. Sleep is paramount to recovery, strength, muscle gains, power and speed. Sleep is a really important topic that goes un-noticed way too often. For physical therapy, big success comes from doing the right exercises – but SLEEP is just as important if not more important. Having good sleep hygiene is important – such as cutting off electronics before bed, not eating for a few hours before bed, avoiding bright lights before bed. What will go missed is the link that your sleep has with your nutrition as well – this is a very lengthy topic, but one the will be discussed soon!


NUTRITION. Dial this in. This will have a huge impact on performance. Each person is also uniquely different with their needs. We do metabolic testing for our clients to give them a clear picture of what they need.


Get INJURIES fixed. Physical therapy can help you get these cleared up. Don’t wait for injuries to heal on their own. Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain – you name it, these all can be fixed with given the right treatment. Our physical therapists are trained to get you better and our number 1 focus is to get you to YOUR goals.


Interested in working with us? We have online virtual training available and unlimited coaching to get you to your goals.


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