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Hip Pain And Golf – Why Physical Therapy Is Important

What are the rotary centers for golf?.

Do you want to play with less pain, play more rounds, increase distance and enjoy your time playing with lower scores? Can your body handle the physical demands you’re asking from it?


For example, if you lack proper shoulder mobility (one of the 4 BIG rotary centers that golfers fail with having enough mobility) it can lead to neck and back injuries…


On top of that, it means you’re leaving A LOT of distance behind that you are FULLY capable of being able to use!


Asking your body to get into positions it can’t physically do without pain SUCKS…and that is OK… many golfers are there with you.


This CAN improve! You CAN get better. You don’t have to be held captive by father time. You don’ have to believe you are doomed as you’re getting older or if you have had an old injury.


The home assessment consists of going through the 4 rotary centers and then through a simple power assessment.


Let’s go over some common Hip Injuries in Golfers:


Common Hip Injuries In Golfers:


Injury Occurrence Is Fairly

Equal On Both Lead & Trail Leg


1️⃣ Intra-articular Lesions


2️⃣ Hip Impingement


– (Femoral Acetabular Impingement)

– Cam & Pincer


3️⃣ Muscle Referral Pain


➡️Low Back Referral Pain ⬅️


Hip injuries are fairly common for the average golfer to experience. This can be due to lack of internal or external rotation at the hip itself, poor hip strength, poor tibial mobility, poor core strength, poor ankle stability, poor single leg balance, or poor swing mechanics (or a combination thereof). Sometimes hip pain is being referred from the low back so that needs to be ruled out.


Let’s talk about how hip mobility can directly influence your golf game. Not being able to get over to your lead hip can be a big reason why you are missing left or right (depending on if you are a righty or a lefty with your swing). Having 45 degrees of internal rotation (as demonstrated above) on both hips is what you NEED minimally to pass this test.


You don’t have to continue on with hip pain … hip pain can be handled pretty quickly for so many people. If you’re looking to make a change, let’s hop on a call … I had a pro golfer just the other day improve his clubhead speed by 5 mph in ONE session by getting rid of his hip pain. Physical therapy can help you get back to playing pain free golf, and not just that … it may help you overcome some of the misses you have been experiencing in your game that were the result of poor mobility and strength. Lower scores depend on being able to move well and confidently.


Stop waiting and delaying getting better – let’s get you back to playing pain free golf!


Let’s change the game.

Dr. Grant Bishop



PS: here’s the home assessment if you haven’t taken it yet!


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