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Golfers: Are You Making Progress During Your Off Season?

If you haven’t started the right kind of training already now isn’t time to start.


We offer 1 on 1 Physical Therapy and performance training , group training and online virtual training.


Too often back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain – you name, gets in the way for so many golfers… let’s put an end to this. Let’s get you to your goals and where you want to be. Golf specific physical therapy is the right option for you. Don’t hesitate on getting the care that you need.


Now is the time to make this year a game changing year to get you to your goals.


More on group classes:

Group classes offer the opportunity to build a team of people that want you to push yourself to be better


Our classes are limited to 4 to 6 per class which allows us to spend specific time with each athlete to focus on what THEY need.


This isn’t a class of 10+ people. This is a small class. This allows for greater attention to detail to getting you to your goals.


Local to Wilmington and interested in learning more?


Leave us a message and we’ll answer any questions you have.


Let’s change the status quo of group class training.


Let’s change the game.

Dr. Grant Bishop


Change The Game Performance Therapy

805 N 4th St, Wilmington, NC, 28401


A man in a blue shirt smiling in front of a brick wall.

Dr. Ryan Godfrey

PT, DPT, Owner of Change the Game Performance

We help athletes get back to training pain free, injury free without taking time off.


Want To Get Relief Faster?

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