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"Science Backed, Data driven"

Constantly struggling with injuries? Constantly Feeling Exhausted Or Plateauing in the gym? weight loss goals going in the wrong direction? Still think you have to Train At a high Intensity 5-6 times per week just to make gains? Are you looking for a program that truly tracks progress?
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Ctg Elite Athlete Is Wilmington's Gold Standard For Fitness

Our Wilmington Physical Therapists and Coaching staff have noticed a gap in the current fitness training market. Big box gyms are falling short of Providing optimal Training Plans that yield results While Reducing the risk for injury.


At CTG we are disrupting the training industry by Providing true performance based programs, paired with advanced technology for testing to design a program that delivers results.

We have created a program for Elite athletes to continue training at their highest level in a safe and competitive environment.

What Is Velocity Based Training?

Velocity Based Training (VBT) is a modality of strength training that relies upon speed of movement of a load lifted, versus simply the weight of that load based on a percentage. More and more research is published every day regarding the importance of velocity measures and its correlation with athletes readiness, strength, fatigue and recovery. Velocity Based Training leaves much less to chance by dictating loads based on athlete readiness, and helps execute training sessions with precision. VBT also helps amplify the intent of movement by demanding a consistent standard and providing immediate feedback. It helps train neuromuscular performance. It enhances competitive environments for individuals and teams and tracks data and progress over time.
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