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Vbt – How Elite Do You Compete?

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Velocity Based Training (VBT) is a performance measure concept started back in the early 1980s to help coaches and athletes determine if the effort of a lift is equal to the goals of the training program. This is achieved through measurement with the PERCH unit and allows the coach to adjust the weight, exercise and/or movement pattern in real time to gain optimal results.


Some questions you might be asking about this process include:


What kinds of things does CTG measure for VBT and how?


VBT can be performed on several different 1RM lifts, but allows coaches to avoid having to start at this measurement with each training session. Science has shown that many different factors influence an athlete’s ability to perform and that a focus like VBT allows for neuromuscular improvements based on the speed of a lift over straight percentages. CTG’s Elite program contains several different functional and performance-based movement patterns designed by our Physical Therapy and CSCS Coaching Staff presented in a competitive training environment.


What things influence performance?


EVERYTHING! Think about how you slept last night, the type of work you do all day, family and other obligations, what you ate last, when you ate last, how hydrated you are, hormonal levels, if you’ve been sick recently, are you home or away, and even where your mind is at. All of these individual factors of your daily life impact what you’re coming to the bar with each time you train. VBT takes the guess work out of what is helping or hurting your performance and can put you in a better position to see forward progress while avoiding injury during lower performance periods.


How does VBT take this into account?

Gone are the days of the 5×5 1RM training system. Once a baseline Force-Velocity Profile is created for an athlete, their sport specific needs are determined, the desired adaptations are considered, a science-backed and customized program can be developed. This allows athletes to reach optimal performance in each session without repeating assessments.




Our team at Change the Game Performance has created the CTG Elite athlete class, designed for high level athletes looking to improve their training. We have created a program for athletes who are frustrated with over training, feeling injured after workouts, or just looking for something different. This class is perfect for someone ready to make a difference in their training!

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