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Unlocking Your Golf Potential

Addressing Swing Faults and Building a Comprehensive Fitness Program


Written by Dr. Grant Bishop, PT DPT, TPI Certified, and Coach Shelby Holden, M.S., CSCS


Last week, we uncovered how certain swing faults could be causing you pain and affecting your golf game. Today, let’s dive deeper into addressing these issues and building a comprehensive fitness program tailored to elevate your performance on the green.


Swing Faults: The Culprits Behind Golf Pain

As discussed in our previous post, swing faults like reverse spine angle, S-posture, early extension, and hanging back can significantly impact your game and lead to discomfort. These faults often stem from mobility limitations, muscular imbalances, and poor movement patterns.


Addressing Swing Faults with Dr. Grant

Dr. Grant emphasizes the importance of addressing mobility restrictions and muscular imbalances associated with swing faults. Whether it’s limited hip internal rotation causing lower back pain or tightness in the psoas muscle contributing to S-posture, targeted assessment and personalized interventions are key. Techniques like dry needling and tailored exercises can restore mobility, alleviate pain, and enhance swing mechanics.


Building a Comprehensive Golf Fitness Program with Coach Shelby

Coach Shelby underscores the need for a holistic approach to golf fitness beyond skill enhancement. A well-rounded program should incorporate flexibility, balance, and sport-specific movements to optimize performance and prevent injury. High-load exercises, dynamic movements, and drills targeting multiple planes of motion are essential for building strength, stability, and mobility critical for the golf swing.


Moving Forward: Unlocking Your Golf Potential

By addressing swing faults and integrating a comprehensive fitness program, you can unlock your golf potential and elevate your game to new heights. Stay tuned for our next post, where we’ll delve deeper into designing a golf-specific fitness regimen tailored to optimize your performance on the green.


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