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January 23, 2022

Have You Tried To Increase Your Clubhead Speed To Increase Your Distance Off The Tee?

Have you tried overspeed training or power training exercises to get you there?

What if your body can’t physically take the demands you’re asking from it?

If you find yourself working with your swing coach and they’re asking you to get into positions with your body that you have NO CLUE on how to get into .. this is directly relevant to you! Asking your body to get into positions that you can’t get into SUCKS … but often, this easy to fix. You do not want to add overspeed training into your regimen until you’re able to move better – otherwise, you’re asking for an injury to happen.

To the swing coaches – if you see your student struggling to get that sidebend you’re looking for, or the shoulder plane you’re looking for or any other position you ask them to do to clean up their swing, understand it may not be your fault or the student’s fault that they can’t do what you’re asking them to do. Their body may be the limiting factor. 60% of your performance on the course comes from the physical side of the things… so many golfers have potential they could only dream of!

Back to the overspeed training.

For most people overspeed training is NOT the answer. Actually, it should only be done by a small percentage of golfers. Roughly about 5% of golfers are appropriate for overspeed training. Most will injure themselves because of inadequate mobility and strength… and that is OK!

This CAN improve! You CAN get better. When you have the appropriate mobility, strength and power… speed WILL come, and so will less injury.

If you lack proper shoulder mobility (one of the 4 BIG rotary centers that golfers fail with having enough mobility) it can lead to neck and back injuries. Shoulder mobility directly impacts your ability to get into the slot in your downswing. Not being able to get into the slot can cause compensations to occur, such as more spine tilt, coming over the top, sliding in your swing – all of these things can cause some serious injuries … all from a shoulder that just needs some physical therapy to get better. So don’t neglect getting a stiff shoulder worked on, it very well may save you from getting back pain down the road.

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On top of not having the proper mobility that you need in your 4 rotary centers, it means you’re leaving A LOT of distance behind that you are FULLY capable of being able to use!

Asking your body to get into positions it can’t physically do without pain SUCKS. Stop waiting to get this fixed – let’s get you in today and get you better.

Stop waiting and delaying getting better – let’s get you back to playing pain free golf!

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Let’s change the game.

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