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Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Personal Training in Wilmington

Are you struggling to stay motivated with your exercise routine or looking to take your fitness to the next level? A personal trainer can be the secret weapon you need to transform your health and physique. At Change The Game Performance Therapy, our degreed fitness experts fully customize cutting-edge workouts to match your unique objectives, needs and schedule while providing complete guidance every step of your journey.

Whether your goal involves losing weight, building strength, improving athletic performance or simply forming healthier exercise habits, our personal trainers hold you accountable while making your sessions engaging and rewarding.

Custom Personal Training Fitness Programs Just For You

No more wasting gym time on ineffective workouts or risking injury attempting self-guided training beyond your current abilities. Change The Game Performance Therapy’s certified personal trainers develop personalized fitness plans aligned to your distinct objectives, current fitness level, lifestyle demands and exercise preferences.

Customization begins right from your initial consultation and assessment which profiles:

  • Your health history, concerns and goals
  • Baseline strengths and problem areas
  • Cardio capacity and endurance
  • Nutrition habits
  • Schedule/availability
  • Exercise likes, dislikes and limitations
  • Workspace ergonomics and daily movement patterns

Equipped with this data, your trainer carefully constructs a fitness blueprint detailing:

  • The specific exercises, reps and sets matched to your abilities
  • Ideal workout duration and frequency for results
  • Target heart rate zones for maximizing calorie burn
  • Recommended recovery practices and self-care
  • Strategies for overcoming mental barriers and plateaus as they arise

They continually track progress and adjust the plan over time to drive efficient outcomes while preventing plateaus.

Benefits: How Personal Training in Wilmington Helps You

While personalized guidance advances nearly any fitness routine or regimen, key advantages of one-on-one training include:

1. Individualized Attention and Support
Your dedicated trainer focuses solely on you throughout sessions – not dividing efforts between large classes or sharing equipment like public gyms. Their undivided attention means sessions revolve around providing encouragement, answering questions and ensuring proper exercise form.

2. Accountability and Motivation
Consistent attendance is crucial for outcomes. But even the most driven individuals struggle with motivation. Your trainer acts as your accountable partner, tracking metrics, celebrating small wins, troubleshooting setbacks and instilling that nudge of accountability to stick the program out until goal achievement.

3. Efficient and Effective Workouts
Expert coaching on correct workout design prevents wasted effort on misguided activities. Targeted programming aligns directly to your body and goals for enhanced results in less time. Trainers also educate on strategy adjustments needed to break frustrating plateaus.

4. Education and Empowerment
Beyond creating your exercise routines, trainers share nutritional direction plus evidence-based knowledge so you understand the “why” behind program components. Increased fitness wisdom empowers you to eventually take ownership of your plan.

Our Personal Training Options Offered

All personal training begins with a thorough consultation and assessment. We then tailor ongoing sessions based your individual needs and preferences through these main programs:

  • One-on-One Personal Training
    The cornerstone of our offerings provides clients with their own dedicated certified trainer guiding each session tailored to individual goals. This facilitates deep personalization through close rapport.
  • Partner Personal Training
    Train alongside a friend or loved one for extra social motivation. Sessions retain a 2:1 client to trainer ratio ensuring ample individual attention while allowing accountability partners to progress together on their fitness journeys.
  • Small Group Personal Training
    Group training allows social support alongside efficiency for up to 4 clients per session. While not fully personalized, certified coaches still offer technique guidance and track progress amongst the group.
  • Hybrid Personal Training
    For ultimate customization, hybrid programs combine one-on-one and small group sessions matching your weekly fitness priorities and budget. You gain specialized individual guidance reinforced through group training workouts.

FAQs: Your Top Personal Training Questions Answered

What is included with personal training?
Certified fitness experts guide each session tailored to your goals through coaching on proper exercise techniques, movement pattern analysis, athletic conditioning, lifestyle modification and more based on your custom programming.

How long should I workout with a personal trainer?
We recommend consistent personal training for 8-12 weeks to establish secure foundations through muscle memory before attempting to self-direct workouts. Continued maintenance training is ideal for most clients 2x monthly.

What styles of personal training do you offer?
Choose from options like resistance/strength building, HIIT cardio conditioning, functional training using bodyweight and bands, athletics-inspired, pre/post natal and more – always adapted to your current fitness levels and health needs.

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Dr. Ryan Godfrey ignites movement in patients facing a need for physical therapy. At Change The Game Performance Therapy in Wilmington, Dr. Ryan Godfrey wields a patient-centered approach, with cutting-edge techniques and bespoke care plans to conquer a vast array of physical challenges.

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Jordy Shear

Dr. Grant and his team are top notch. I had the opportunity to work with CTG and it was such a pleasure and great learning experience. Grant and team provide personalized coaching where he tells you the what and why of everything you’re doing. It greatly helped my daily mobility and I saw results on the course immediately. Since I’ve stopped going to CTG (I moved away) I have seen a drop off in my scores. I would recommend Change the game to anyone who’s trying to improve their scores and personal fitness/mobility.

Ashli Gibson

My spouse and I have used Change the Game for multiple injuries as well as general fitness training. They are incredibly knowledge and provide a much more in depth and personalized care experience than what we have received from other PT offices in town. They are adept at providing services to individuals with all fitness levels. I couldn’t recommend them enough.