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Take Your Golf Game to the Next Level with a TPI Golf Assessment

Are you an athlete or former athlete looking to return to an active lifestyle and improve your golf game? No matter your skill level, a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Assessment at Change The Game Performance Therapy in Wilmington can help analyze your swing, prevent injuries, and unlock your full potential on the course.

Who Can Benefit from a TPI Golf Assessment?

Our comprehensive golf analysis is designed for any male or female golfer hoping to enhance their performance. We specialize in working with former high school or college athletes who still have a competitive drive but have developed swing problems or chronic injuries over time that limit their enjoyment of golf.

Even if you’re just a weekend golfer looking to find more consistency in your shots, a TPI Assessment can provide customized recommendations to help you advance your skills. Common Reasons Golfers Seek Out a TPI Assessment:

  • Inconsistent ball striking or accuracy
  • Loss of distance on shots over time
  • Chronic golf-related injuries (elbow, shoulder, knee)
  • Overall frustration with the lack of improvement

During your TPI Golf Assessment, our team will identify the specific physical and biomechanical limitations affecting your game and equip you with drills and exercises to maximize your potential.

An Overview: What Exactly is a TPI Golf Assessment?

A TPI or Titleist Performance Institute Golf Assessment examines how your body moves and functions, both generally and specifically within the golf swing.
Our Dr. Grant Bishop uses a technology called a TPI 3D Motion Analysis to compare your movement patterns against benchmarks for efficient golf mechanics.
From there, we evaluate flexibility, balance, strength, and other physical attributes through a series of over 15 proprietary TPI tests designed specifically for golfers.

This allows us to pinpoint:

  • Mobility limitations affecting your swing
  • Muscular imbalances or weaknesses
  • Postural issues contributing to swing faults
  • Areas prone to injury or overuse

Using this aggregate data, our TPI experts can then make recommendations for swing modifications while also designing a customized treatment plan to improve your movement quality of the course.

Addressing these limitations is key to building an efficient, pain-free swing capable of maximizing your distance and accuracy.

What Are The Main Goals of a TPI Golf Assessment?

There are 3 primary objectives of a TPI Golf Assessment:

  • Identify physical limitations negatively impacting your swing mechanics and golf performance
  • Provide movement screens and tests to quantify flexibility, strength, and range of motion
  • Offer corrective programs with customized treatment plans and swing modifications catered to your issues

Think of your TPI Assessment like a trip to the doctor. We’ll prescribe targeted “medicine” for what ails your golf game, helping you get back to the course pain-free.

3 Benefits a TPI Golf Assessment Provides Athletes

While a TPI Evaluation requires an investment of time and focus on biomechanics, data shows it pays long-term dividends for golfers focused on improving their competitive ability.
Here are 3 major perks our clients experience after undergoing their custom-tailored TPI assessment:

1. Improved Swing Efficiency and Power

One of the main goals of a TPI Evaluation is identifying physical limitations impairing efficient mechanics in your golf swing. Restricted mobility from tight muscles along with strength and flexibility imbalances place extra stress on your body, wasting movement. Your custom treatment program improves these deficient areas, allowing your body to sequence properly through the golf swing. Think smoother turn, increased torque, enhanced club head speed, and more weight shift to your trail side. Our clients increase driver distance by an average of 10-15 yards and iron shot distance by 5-10 yards after working through their personalized TPI training protocols. You’ll strike the ball cleaner and play more consistent golf from any lie with your optimized motion patterns.

2. Reduced Risk of Golf-Related Injury

Faulty swing mechanics breed injuries. When your body lacks stability or adequate joint mobility, your risk skyrockets for chronic issues like tennis elbow or lower back pain. By identifying flaws like overarching and early extending that jeopardize players, your TPI Assessment allows you to adopt preventative measures before the pain starts. We also screen for muscle imbalances that can pull your joints out of alignment and contribute to overuse. Customized corrective exercises enhance symmetry, keeping your body balanced through the rotational and lateral motions of the golf swing. You’ll play pain-free golf based on intelligent training concepts rather than guesswork.

3. Provides a Personalized Training Plan

Every golfer presents a unique set of weaknesses and dysfunctions requiring attention. This makes cookie-cutter golf instruction and training ill-suited for most players. Your TPI Golf Assessment parses this information for you, letting Dr. Grant Bishop create customized programming tackling YOUR limiting factors and performance roadblocks. We ensure your core program, mobility drills, swing modifications and conditioning protocols target optimal areas for your needs. No wasted time on generic concepts that don’t move the needle. You’ll train more precisely and efficiently, accelerating your path to lower scores with enhanced health.

FAQs About TPI Assessments for Golfers

Still have some questions about how our TPI Evaluation can take your game and body to the next level? Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

What is the purpose of the TPI Assessment?
The TPI Assessment identifies physical limitations negatively impacting golf swing efficiency, performance and injury risk. It provides data to create customized treatment plans improving mobility, strength and swing mechanics.

What is TPI fitness handicap?
Your TPI fitness handicap helps explain performance gaps between your athletic potential and current skill level. For example, you may have a 5 handicap but a fitness handicap of 10 or higher, demonstrating physical limitations holding back your game.

Is a TPI Screening worth the investment for my game?
Paying for a professional TPI screening provides objective data identifying your swing faults and physical limitations as they relate to performance, rather than guesswork. This allows you to take direct action optimizing key problem areas.

Ready to Take Action?

As one of the only TPI Certified Professionals in Wilmington, Dr. Grant Bishop has the expertise to help you maximize health and golf performance through our 3D swing evaluations and custom programming.

We offer flexible scheduling options to start your TPI journey:

About The Author

Dr. Ryan Godfrey is a licensed Physical Therapist specializing in physical therapy. With years of experience in the field, Dr. Ryan Godfrey has dedicated their career to helping patients achieve their maximum physical potential and improve their quality of life. Currently practicing at Change The Game Performance Therapy in Wilmington, Dr. Ryan Godfrey employs a patient-centered approach, combining cutting-edge techniques and personalized care plans to address a wide range of physical conditions.

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William Senter

After three months of personalized one-on-one physical therapy with Dr Grant Bishop at CTG my flexibility had measurably improved enough to where I could enroll in a twice weekly class for older golfers (I’m 70) with CTG exercise physiologist Shelby Holden. This group class has been a great extender of my personalized PT at a lower cost. My twice weekly golf continues to remain pain free. Shelby is a regular golfer who leads us in professionally designed strength and flexibility training. She’s also fun and encouraging. These early morning sessions also provide a helpful routine in keeping me more engaged with my overall health and well-being. I highly recommend her Golf Group Class for older golfers who want to continue enjoying frequent play for years to come. Carpe golfum!

Tom Newton

I joined Change the Game a couple of months ago and was fortunate to be able to work with Dr. Grant Bishop. My challenges were improving my golf game while increasing my fitness and endurance. An added benefit was having someone that could treat the injuries that invariably happen with the golf swing. Dr. Grant covered all those bases. As it relates to golf, he is a certified instructor with TPI. He teaches you how to use biomechanics to make the golf swing body friendly. The fitness and endurance instruction is geared towards golf. And, finally, he uses physical therapy and dry needling to treat areas that need it. I cannot recommend this business and Dr. Grant any more highly!